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Healing by uniting the essence of Heaven & Earth
Miracle Violet Flame Commander

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Heritage site   Chi Diamond   Picking up

    Natural  fengshui
 Heaven  dew  collection plate  Bei hai Park Beijing
      Chi Culture Book

      Psychic stone


'We believe beautiful scenery is the 

Home of Spirit Power'


                      The Great Wall
                 Natural fengshui                  
     Pagoda -  Move to the basement to                             join with Chi  Chimney
           Breathing fengshui through tower
Heaven dew diamond  top ball
Heaven temple 
Mystery cave  Guilin
    Be a guest at Home of Spirit        
             Heaven dew reservoir
           Fortunate  figure
            Garden  fengshui

  We believe that beautiful scenery is the home of Spirit Power. Many special 

 fengshui locations, where there has been a natural building of Chi 

over thousands of years....waiting just for us!


India, Egypt & China all have thousands of historical, cultural sites visited over time by many 

Yogis, Chi Masters, Spiritual leaders & Rinpoches. Long after the passing of time and events remains an inherited chi culture, deep within the earth. That which remains, maintained over thousands of years, can be picked up, like  seeds that contain a unique ancestral 

genetic code. Spirit power for healing.

Some of this remarkably rich cultural and spiritual history, has been written about, 

however many of the records have perhaps been lost, or to date undiscovered. 

Alot can still not be explained or read about in books.




Master Yang shares this with you on retreat, visiting sites where 

this unique inhertited chi culture remains, picking up the Chi diamond!