Heaven Dew Healer
Healing by uniting the essence of Heaven & Earth
Miracle Violet Flame Commander

Opening you to health, happiness & fulfilment

 Master Yang

   Miracle Violet Flame Healer  ~  Internal Alchemist

   Heaven Dew Violet Flame Energetic Transmission

Enlargement of the above photo
Soaking up the Violet Flame Healing Power


Programmes - Classes - Training - Seminars

Providing a unique bridge between the expansiveness of the entire solar system

 the macrocosmos, & the microcosmos via quantum waves or frequencies.

In Master Yang's class, there is no talking, not even any physical body movements, simply 
a full time flowing with Cosmic Violet Flame energy, inside & outside the body from different levels. 

          Master Yang brings you with him to what is described as body & spirit swimming, totally within 
the ocean of Violet Flame energy ~ getting used to the frequency of the natural world of healing power 
       & managing that, by no words, only the language of chi.

     Master Yang brings you to follow this communication by way of 'flying' between earth & the cosmos, 
      alongside the solar system. This the  deepest individual heart communication between Heaven & Earth. 

    Every session is a special newly formed contract for the Transformation of one's total life experience. 

Miracle Cosmic Energy Healing

 A healer for more than 40 years Master Yang  works with & communicates with chi,  like the conductor of an

orchestra bringing each individual instrument into the collective, harmonious sound. Through this unique 

communication you will not only  feel, sense & absorb Vital Energy  for total body recharging, 

but receive the  immediate benefits of powerful healing & Heaven Dew blessings,

 supporting higher levels of health, happiness & fulfilment of desires... 

- Treat chronic pain & physical ailments

- Awaken self healing potential

 - Activate & potentiate cellular activity

- Build immunity & nervous system support

- Clear emotional spirit & physical blockage 

- Harmonise relationships

- Resolve addictions

       Chi transmission penetrates the cell without obstruction, effecting the direction & movement of the electron 

   - inducing & strengthening flow of energy within the body. Physiological & biochemical function

 is enhanced regulating vital function & rectifying pathology.


Connecting with Heaven's Violet Flame from Earth

The following photos were taken at Seminars with a digital camera

Enlargement of the above photos, showing more detail

Heaven's visit & fortunate reward

         Photos Gold Coast- Robina Seminar 
                        Heaven Dew Waterfall
                                         -- Fortunate Connection

The start of Master Yang's 90 minute Heaven Dew Fengshui Seminar - 'cloud' formation of Heaven Dew, purple in colour. Note the bright spheres    'energy seeds'

As the Heaven Dew fengshui builds  note the intensity of the purple colour
~ Fengshui supporting beam

The cloud like formation continues to develop and drop down,as participants 
are able to catch up the Heaven Dew fengshui to support their desires

Robina ~ Gold Coast

'Master Yang was an experience.

 I enjoyed what he said and felt what 

he didn't say. He is whole heartedly dedicated to the chi movement. I would like to be able to use energy that can help people and environments too. He was a great speaker and funny too. I want to practice more, and improve my energy quality'

‘Brilliant colour & flashes. Great feeling of well being, like a burst of sunshine on the inside’

‘I felt like a weight had been lifted from my heart’

'Very strong, can feel the vibrations now. Loved the energy shower’

 ‘At half time I was pleased to take a break, however  during my walk to the exit 

I discovered I had no pain. 

This convinced me to stay for the remainder of the session, which resulted in me being pain free for the next six months.    

An unbelievable result!  

'I have met many high level Masters & Rinpoches. A more powerful healer than Master Yang you will not meet’

Robina Gold Coast 

'From the first moment I knew it was real & felt 
the energy immediately'

'I could feel it strongly around my head and jaw. 
I could feel a silver curtain in front of me shimmering'

'Wonderful. I could feel it healing my gall & heart..I know that this was a very powerful healing'

'Each experience was different & built as we progressed. I feel changed. It is as simple as that. Thank you'

'Inside & outside my body is shaking, as the chi moves in & out'

'I felt a lift in energy, as my body tingled'

'It felt strong & warm...thank you for sharing
the chi & teaching us how to use it each day'

'I felt the energy very strongly in my hands & feet'

Robina Gold Coast  

'Strong. There was tingling all over and through my body. I saw purple flashes & silver flashes with my eyes closed'

'Stronger heartbeat. Felt lift in energy. Body tingling'

'I feel loved, cared for & relaxed'

'Optomistic. Relaxed at the end'

'Stronger. I am more sensitive to it- relaxing, tired, sleepy, then energy clearer, fuller, more cheerful, pleasant, kept building- more ease , a want for more all of my life'

'Today...I could feel the chi moving like a flexible bubble with a mind of its own. thank you for sharing'

'I have happiness in my heart'

'During the Heaven & Earth part of the session I felt  it like a shower of flames'

Robina Gold Coast  

'Heart touching....felt the energy as I entered the room. So warm & comfortable'

'I had tears of joy from the pure love of healing'

'It was incredibly powerful...A true healer'

'I feel in a pure state of bliss'
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Experience the immediate results... 

Emotional  harmony, optimal health &  fulfilment of desires